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The Good Design Research (GDR) initiative empowers designers and design enterprises in Singapore to find their unique value proposition in designing for impact through research and experimentation, supported by a wide network of knowledge partners. 

About the Good Design Research Initiative

The Good Design Research (GDR) initiative aims to help local designers and design enterprises develop unique value propositions to seize new opportunities in emerging global trends, through practice-based applied research, so that they may gain a competitive edge. 

We look to support innovative design impact projects through a GDR Grant. If you’re a practising designer or design enterprise who is keen to design for impact through applied research and build innovation into your business/ products/ solutions, apply for the GDR Grant today.

Your proposal could be (1) self-initiated (2) inspired from our open challenges or (3) in response to one of our real-world challenge statements below.  

How do I know if Good Design Research is for me?

Wondering if your design practice can truly benefit from Good Design Research? Have an exciting and impactful idea but unsure of how exactly to develop it? Not sure if you have enough resources to see your projects through?  

We have an experienced panel of design experts who will provide one-on-one mentorship to support you through the process and help shape your research. You can also get in touch with us for any queries such as project suitability or how you can frame your submission.

Looking to make a difference? Apply for the GDR Grant today!

For this grant call, you are invited to respond to a real-world Challenge Statement, be inspired by one of our open challenges or submit a self-initiated project. Application closes on 3 January 2022!

Respond to challenge statements from potential clients

Challenge Statements from Grab, Busy Bees and Tsao Foundation

Designers who are keen to work on impactful design projects but do not have a project in mind can take on one of these real-world challenge statements. By responding to these challenges, designers stand a chance to turn these solutions into actual business opportunities with these partners above!  

Good Design Research's Three Project Tracks

Already have an existing project in mind? Designers can submit self-initiated proposals exploring the tracks above.

If you’re ready to work on a design challenge but need some extra help to develop your Proof of Concept, here is a list of resource partners you can tap on! Whether it’s boosting your technical capabilities, finding sustainable sources or enhancing accessibility and reach, check out what our partners can do for you here.


Stay up to date with the various events we have lined up to build capabilities and share knowledge amongst our design community!   

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Missed the briefing session? Watch it here or download our slides to catch up on what was shared!  

Our support

Successful applicants will receive the following support:

1. Seed funding

Selected projects will be supported with up to *80% of the qualifying costs capped at S$50,000, for activities essential to deliver the Proof of Concept over a maximum duration of 12 months. Examples of supportable items include material costs, research and prototyping related third-party costs that are essential to deliver the Proof of Concept. 

*Enhanced maximum support level of up to 80% will be extended to 31 March 2022 in alignment with government business grants under Enterprise Singapore. This will be applicable for GDR projects supported through the Nov 2021 grant call only.

2. Industry mentorship

Selected projects will be given an option to be paired with a pre-selected list of industry mentors who could help refine their research process and outputs. 

3. Publicity outreach

Selected projects will collectively be profiled on Dsg’s social media channels and potentially be connected with showcase and business opportunities. 

Who can apply?

Application Tracks Eligibility Criteria
Design Enterprises

(i) Must be incorporated in Singapore for three years or more at the time of application

(ii) The lead applicant must be a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident

Individual Designers

(i) Must be a practising designer with three years of working experience or more at the time of application

(ii) Must be a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident

Assessment criteria

All proposals will be evaluated by our panel of independent design experts according to the following assessment criteria:

Selection Criteria



Strength of Proposal

  • Strength of applied research concept and approach (e.g. depth of research, breadth of application, clear design and development plans, feasibility of project outputs)

  • Feasibility within the stipulated timeline (e.g. allocation of resources and expertise, and strength of project partners)

  • Clarity of plans to commercialise and/or proliferate new knowledge from project outcomes


Proposed Design Impact

  • Alignment and clarity of contribution to P*DA impact areas (e.g. enabling economic transformation, raising quality of life, advancing Singapore’s brand and culture, making ground-breaking design achievements)

  • Depth of impact in addressing global challenges such as climate change and sustainability, diversity and inclusivity, ageing and technology disruption


Enhanced Unique Value Proposition

  • Clarity on how the proposed project strengthens the designer’s/ design enterprise’s unique value proposition


Designer/Design Enterprise

Track Record

  • Track record demonstrating a strong portfolio of work within the last two years (may include examples of design impact projects if applicable)


Design Ethos

  • Has a compelling and differentiated brand philosophy and aspire towards design impact




Before you apply:

For more information on the Good Design Research Grant application, download the Application Kit below to guide you through the process.

1. Information Kit
2. Frequently Asked Questions
3. Sample Application Form

Any Questions?

For further enquiries regarding the Good Design Research initiative, please feel free to write in to

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